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FeMS Mass Spec Mixer: Transition Talks - Shared screen with speaker view
Grace van der Gugten
That quilt is amazing!! So cool.
Tej N
That's an interesting talk..You have mentioned glycans. Does native vs labled glycans help
Tej N
Thank you
Catherine Costello
Hi - nice talk, are you trying to correlate the proteomics resltss with the metabolomics? but now Erin is asking this,,
Amanda Smythers
As MS technology improves/advances, how will the smart lab keep up? How arduous will it be to retrain on new instruments, acquisition modes, etc?
Amanda Smythers
Thanks, Wout!
Catherine Costello
What about utilizing additional dissociation methods, instead of being limited to CID or HCD - to get more complete, unique fragmentation, instead of just saying that so many spectra do not lead to identifications?
Amanda Smythers
Great talks, everyone! Thanks, FeMS!!
Brian Clowers
I’d second Cathy’s question and also add another. The underlying approach to AI/NN, relies upon huge amounts of spectra, how do you start assigning confidence to a single spectrum? Think of Pevnzer’s MSGF and how do you assigned a confidence to a single peptide ID?
Brian Clowers
I have to bail, but nice job. Hope to see you all soon in person.